An Average Night

Don’t Call It a Comeback
Last night, I got a double-dose of reality during NBC’s 10:00 time slot. Adam’s back, giving hope to guys everywhere that one day they may find themselves on television with the power to reject the comeliest women. I was fortunate to enjoy the premiere of Average Joe: Adam Returns in the company of none other than Adam Mesh himself. To be fair, I wasn’t alone. There were probably a couple hundred of Mr. “I Guess I’m Not So Average Now, Huh”‘s most intimate acquaintances with their eyes glued to giant, less-than-flattering monitors. I made sure that I periodically cast my gaze in the direction of the star to gauge his reactions. He’s a happy guy. Despite a few blushing episodes, he maintained a seemingly permanent smile for well over an hour-and-a-half.

Although the producers of the show decided to bestow 15 additional minutes of fame on a variety of Adam’s season one “friends,” Zach was especially conspicuous in his absence in light of his presence at the viewing party. During the first iteration of “Average Joe,” I had it on good authority that Zach and Adam were at least acquaintances, and possibly reasonably good friends. Zach’s attendance at last night’s event lent credence to that. But the producers ostensibly opted to put the preliminary selection of the women in the hands of guys with whom Adam probably has no relationship beyond the show. And while I have my suspicions that the “Joes” had any meaningful say in the winnowing process, I find it interesting that they were granted another opportunity to endear themselves to the viewing public. Zach, on the other hand, was strictly a member of said public.

His Purpleness
Prince was in town last night for his induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. After the ceremony, he was slated to do a show at a small club on the west side of Manhattan. Amid rumors that he was going to retire his 80s hits on his impending tour, I figured that this would be my last opportunity to hear him perform songs from Purple Rain.

My girlfriend got the tickets and we figured that the show would start a little after midnight. She was told that doors opened at 11:00 PM and that the show would start an hour later. We were not prepared to do what we did, which was stand outside in the cold (and wind) for more than 2 hours. Not long after we walked into the club at 1:30 AM and began thawing, Prince came on stage. I can only judge this by the crowd’s reaction as the angles of the wall and location of the performance area limited seeing Prince only to those who found themselves in the first 4 or 5 rows of people. We were not in the group.

We were, in fact, in the middle of the pack – something that became rather disconcerting as people packed in behind us. Before long, we were all pushed together, a stew of contorted limbs and craned necks being pushed hither and thither. From what I understand, the fire department came and “suggested” that treating people like sardines was a fire hazard. (Yes, I had flashbacks to the tragic Great White concert.) The second floor was opened and we headed upstairs. Even there, people crowded and pushed against plexiglass just to watch a short, skinny, hairy guy gyrate while singing. Although this was of interest to me, I thought it best to hang back. After all of that, Prince mostly performed newer songs, although we left on a high note, immediately after “Kiss.”

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