This Time I KNOW I’m Right

Okay, it’s a daily and a tabloid at that, but I still don’t understand how Tom Sykes’s error made it into print. (Besides, this is a redemptive moment for me, so I hope that you’ll cut me some slack.) In a piece on the season finale of “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” Sykes wrote, “Tonight, ‘Curbies’ will get to see Brooks and Stiller again, as one of the season’s major story lines – Larry performing in “The Producers” on Broadway – concludes.” Stiller actually disappeared several episodes ago and Mel Brooks gave the role of Leo Bloom to David Schwimmer in his stead.

A quick unrelated thought:
Did you ever wonder what it would be like if adult film producers came up with headlines? Based on some of the movie titles they invent – particularly those that are derivative – I often thought that the news would just be more fun if the titles were vaguely adult-themed. Today, I found an article on acupuncture’s effect on migraines entitled “Acupuncture Helps Chronic Headache Sufferers-Study.” My pornographic title of choice? “Ooh, Stick It in Me.”

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