Pure, unadulterated narcissism

Since vanity is the primary purpose of most blogs, it’s almost redundant to claim that I am posting something because I’m feeling particularly self-absorbed. Whatever the case, NewTeeVee was nice enough to cover my start-up company, Twistage, and throw some good vibes my way. Liz Gannes has this to say […]

Irony and Incredulity

First, the irony. President Bush, whose many malapropisms and linguistic gaffes are well-chronicled, called out John Kerry for mangling a joke. Bush said, “Anybody who is in a position to serve this country ought to understand the consequences of words.” One might have assumed that the President would be sheepish […]

Literal Grammatical Abuse

I must admit to being pleased that others are similarly vexed by the misuse of the word, “literally.” Jesse Sheidlower, has a piece in Slate about the literary history of literally. I was also quite amused to find that there is a blog devoted to the subject of misusing “literally.” […]

For Whom The Bell Tolls

I really can’t believe the reports about the Dustin Diamond (Screech) sex tape. It seems — odd as this sounds — too good to be true. But who could come up with such an ingenious PR ploy. And if it is a media stunt, the perpetrators are really dedicated. Check […]

Books in Motion

I can’t read in a moving car, even when someone else is driving. All joking aside, I find reading in the car quickly makes me nauseated. There’s something about all the motion…. So what George Bush does is impressive. The president claims to have read 60 books this years despite […]

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