1 thought on “For Whom The Bell Tolls

  1. The first layer of humor is Screech doing a sex video due to financial woes. The second is Screech bedding down not just one girl, but two. The third layer, the real mind-bender, is Screech pulling a Dirty Sanchez. You remember the Dirty Sanchez from one of those early chain e-mails about ridiculous and cruel sex acts, right? But the damned irony of it all is that the Dirty Sanchez was a JOKE. Nobody does that! Who would do something like? I’d venture to say that not even poop fetishists pull that maneuver. Screech, you need to start slow. Maybe use those acting skills and put a bit of plot into it. Then, for Saved By The Smell 2, you can elevate your game. Hold the mythic sex acts until chapter 3, when sales have started slumping. Now what do we have to look forward to? Erik the Viking has sailed to the New World, smeared poop on its upper lip, and retired. We’re left wanting for a pornographic epic rather than a retarded one-and-out stud show.

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