St. Patrick’s Day Miscellany

He’s So Dot Over It
Say it ain’t so. While evidence of the dotcom demise still abounds, the latest news brings with it a finality that hundreds of Chapter 11s couldn’t. DotComGuy is no longer; the onetime Mitch Maddox is not only selling his domain name, but is also going to reclaim his birth name.

What’s Old Is New Again
Doug Herzog has come back to the Comedy Central family, returning after stints at Fox and USA. The ostensible humor destination for cable channel surfers, Comedy Central has a bizarre hodgepodge of the funny, not so funny, and “how did that ever make it to air?” Herzog’s contributions to society include greenlighting “South Park,” “Monk,” and the oft-imitated, but never duplicated “Joe Millionaire.” This is the man who introduced “the other Australian Paul Hogan” to America and put Evan Marriott on the map. Surely Comedy Central sees bringing Herzog back into the fold as a great coup, particularly as the competition heats up with the Game Show Network’s launch of “Fake-A-Date,” hosted by….Evan Marriott.

An Equitable Test
In a recent interview, Curt Schilling explained that he would be willing to take as many drug tests as is necessary, provided Major League Baseball doesn’t insist on holding the cup. Fair enough. In fact, I don’t think that any of the professional sports leagues should be in the business of developing and implementing drug tests. The league in question, in this case MLB, should exercise its authority not by collecting specimens, but by managing the punitive component of the policy. It’s outside of baseball’s core competency to implement a testing program. To that end, the commissioner should engage organizations like WADA or USADA — organizations that specialize in drug testing — to handle the (pun intended) dirty work. (Full disclosure: my father is a member of WADA’s Health, Medical and Research Committee.)

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