Potty Mouth

Richard Branson is at it again. The Virgin founder, visionary, and my all-time favorite businessman has outfitted the men’s rooms in the Virgin Airways Clubhouse (John F. Kennedy airport, Terminal 4) with urinals that look like they were modeled on the mouth of a gigantic, yet sexy women. (Think Daryl Hannah in Attack of the 50 Foot Woman.) Indirectly, I suppose we have Bill Clinton to thank for this. Prior to his presidency, I don’t know if a man could have inserted his penis into a woman’s mouth and remained a virgin.

If peeing into a giant replica mouth doesn’t do it for you, you can still enjoy an experience that’s uniquely Virgin. Computers abound, there’s a free-standing waterfall, day beds, and snacks — essentially everything to which the business traveler has (or will be) accustomed. I wonder if they’ll let me hang out in the lounge even if I have no occasion to fly….

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