Unintelligent Design

I need to stop reading. The more I read, the more I concerned I get about the state of science and reason in our country. My friend sent me an article on a museum that offers dinosaur displays in a biblical context. In the early 20th century, many creationist thinkers […]

Gosh Darn It!

For those of you who love four (five, six, and seven) letter words as much as I do, consider yourselves victims of biology. That’s right — foul language seems to be a biological imperative. And here I was, scared shitless that I was personally to blame… After expressing some concerns in […]

You Gotta Have Faith

Faith can be a wonderful thing. Blind faith, however, is pretty scary to me. When I read that 2/3 of the people in the U.S. want creationism (now marketed as “intelligent design”) given equal time in schools, it concerned me. The Scopes Monkey Trials was decided (in favor of science) […]