First of all, “Hello.” In this giant, disconnected virtual world, I think there is value in a proper salutation. Thanks for stopping by. I’d like to welcome you to my site by sharing a little history….

I claimed this domain many years ago, in advance of the publication of an article that I wrote. For a few days, that article generated loads of traffic, which was very motivating. Soon, however, I essentially forgot all about this site.

A few years later, I decided to push myself to write more by blogging and I set up a blog. All of the entries are still here and you’ll note that, for a time, I was reasonably prolific. Then, I found myself too busy or preoccupied and I stopped.

Fast forward a few more years and I’ve decided to give davidwadler.com a fresh coat of paint. My ambitions for the site are modest. Mostly, I want to have some degree of input into my online persona. So please, have a look around. Make yourself at home. And if you’re so motivated, please do feel free to drop me a line.