Heeb Hop

A few years ago, I was in Washington Square Park when a friend of mine ran up to me and said, “There’s a Jewish guy singing Reggae and he’s ridiculously good.  And he’s not Jewish like you…he’s one of those serious Jews.  You know — with the beard and the hat.”

“Lubavitch?” I asked.

He nodded and I followed him to the stage where I saw that he was right.  The performer, Matisyahu, has since been signed to a major label, put out albums, and appeared on a variety of television shows.  You can check out a recorded live performance, Live at Stubbs. Or since the Passover season is upon us, The So Called Seder: A Hip Hop Haggadah.

Matisyahu has seemingly kicked off a whole generation of edgy Jewish music.  In fact, I think that I saw Yitzchak Moshe Jordan (Y-Love), performing that same day in Washington Square Park.  And if you want something that sounds a bit more urban, check out JewDa.

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