The Price of Loyalty

In the case of Barry Bonds’s personal trainer, Greg Anderson, the price is time in jail…again. This time, however, Anderson faces up to 16 months behind bars. Jeff Pearlman, who wrote Love Me, Hate Me: Barry Bonds and the Making of an Antihero, suggests that Bonds is “an evil man. […]

A-Rod’s Unfinished Business

MSNBC’s Mike Celizic had this to say about the slumping Alex Rodriguez: “He’s shot. Toast. Finished as a Yankee, and there’s no sense pretending he can come back and be the man he was advertised to be.” Defensively, A-Rod has had a trying season. And offensively, he struggled in June, […]

If “The Juice” Came from Oranges

I’ve often heard the argument that Barry Bonds is worthy of induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame because of what he accomplished before he allegedly began using performance-enhancing drugs. This begs several questions, one of which is “What would his numbers look like if were clean?” I’ve wanted to […]

Fervor vs. Facts

From Buster Olney’s blog entry today: “Derek Jeter had another moment at Yankee Stadium. A note from Rob Tracy of the Elias Sports Bureau on the Jeter hit: It was only the second hit of Jeter’s career in the eighth inning or later that drove in the tying and go-ahead […]

Vive La Protestation

When I lived in France, I became convinced that the primary purpose of the French government was to undermine the French economy. It’s become clear to me that the population is now in cahoots. There have been sweeping protests across the country in response to proposed legislation to reduce the […]

Heeb Hop

A few years ago, I was in Washington Square Park when a friend of mine ran up to me and said, “There’s a Jewish guy singing Reggae and he’s ridiculously good.  And he’s not Jewish like you…he’s one of those serious Jews.  You know — with the beard and the […]

Microsoft Humor

Think Microsoft employees can’t poke fun at their company’s products? Think again. This bit of CSS code was posted on a Microsoft webpage: /* fix for the IE 1px-off margin error */ * html .StupidIEMarginHack { margin-right: 1px; } * html .StupidIEWidthHack { width: 100%; }

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