Potty Mouth

Richard Branson is at it again. The Virgin founder, visionary, and my all-time favorite businessman has outfitted the men’s rooms in the Virgin Airways Clubhouse (John F. Kennedy airport, Terminal 4) with urinals that look like they were modeled on the mouth of a gigantic, yet sexy women. (Think Daryl […]

An Average Night

Don’t Call It a Comeback Last night, I got a double-dose of reality during NBC’s 10:00 time slot. Adam’s back, giving hope to guys everywhere that one day they may find themselves on television with the power to reject the comeliest women. I was fortunate to enjoy the premiere of […]

Daily Oddities

WOULD THAT I HAD A SPEECH IMPEDIMENT This isn’t breaking news, but Stuttering John from the Howard Stern show is going to be moving to the left coast to take over as the announcer for the “Tonight Show.” That’s right, a stutterer with a thick New Yawk accent will find […]

Most XXXtreme

Do conventional extreme sports leave you thirsting for a real adrenaline rush? Perhaps it’s time you checked out some “Bedroom Adventure Gear.” Liberator promises enhanced sex, claiming that their products are “the modern day Kama Sutra.” I have to hand it to their marketing folks; I’ve never seen someone invoke […]

Can I Eat Crow for Dessert?

I suppose that I’ve had my doubts about Time since they started featuring Joel Stein during the Walter Isaacson years. However, the mistake that I brought to your attention in the previous entry is not a mistake at all. The term “just deserts” invokes a rarely-used definition (and pronunciation) of […]

Sand in My Chocolate Mousse

  I fully expect that this blog — and anything on my website for that matter — will contain spelling and grammatical errors. It’s the inevitable consequence of writing at the wee hours of the morning and having no third party to proofread. (In the interest of irony, I was going […]

Fehr and Loathing in Washington, D.C.

Despite advance warning, in 2003 enough baseball players tested positive for steroids that MLB could have fielded five all-steroid starting lineups with “enhanced” pinch hitters to spare. As homerun totals have increased in recent years, baseball fans and analysts alike have crowed about “juiced baseballs.” It’s clear that it wasn’t just […]

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