What ever happened to Jennifer?

In 1984, the movie Splash turned Madison into a first name for girls. In the years that followed, Madison became increasingly popular, becoming the top name for newborns one year. In 2005, the name fell to third as Emma and Emily checked in at first and second respectively. What’s interesting about the list is that New York is represented more than once on the female side of the ledger. (For those who don’t know, Madison came from Madison Avenue in Splash.) Indeed, checking in at 62 — nuzzled between Rebecca and Gabrielle — is Brooklyn.

Some may point to David Beckham and the former Posh Spice as the reason for the name’s growth in popularity. But Brooklyn Beckham is a boy and neither his mother nor father wield much cultural influence on this side of the pond. And I doubt that the cartoon series, Gargoyles, which debuted in 1994 and featured characters named Hudson, Bronx, and Brooklyn among others, accounts for much. So if anyone has any ideas, please fill me in.

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