Most XXXtreme

Do conventional extreme sports leave you thirsting for a real adrenaline rush? Perhaps it’s time you checked out some “Bedroom Adventure Gear.” Liberator promises enhanced sex, claiming that their products are “the modern day Kama Sutra.” I have to hand it to their marketing folks; I’ve never seen someone invoke an ancient text to sell “adventure gear.” (Then again, it does seem like a natural fit….)

The site leaves little to the imagination thanks to “tasteful nudity” and streaming video of naked people getting it on. That’s right, it’s the free porn – the very thing that keeps the Internet alive. You can watch the products in action or check out the “Position of the Month.” It’s March, which means that this is the month of “Stand and Deliver.”

“This position will deliver the most powerful, deep thrusting possible. While she’s softly supported, he can not only stand but straddle his legs wide for strong, solid leverage. This results in deep, intense penetration.”

Too bad the guy in the photo looks nothing like Edward James Olmos.

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