Getting Defensive

Jon Weisman has a piece in Sports Illustrated about the increasing use of statistics to evaluate the defensive perfomance of baseball players. Good article. But Derek Jeter enthusiasts be warned, it paints a pretty honest picture of the Yankee shortstop’s defensive shortcomings. Speaking of which, I still think A-Rod should […]

Pork Freyed James

Okay, I was wrong. The James Frey story still has legs…apparently very long ones. Oprah, who had publicly maintained her support for Frey, hosted the memoirist cum novelist on her show today along with publisher Nan Talese. I haven’t seen the episode, but reports are the Ms. O was quite […]

Too Much Rum?

Today, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld asserted that — contrary to reports — the U.S. Military is not overextended. He later went on to declare that the earth revolves around the sun and the gravity is a myth…contrary to reports.

Love Monkey Smells Funky

Gawker correspondent Noelle Hancock wrote a helluva piece on crashing the premiere party for the new show, Love Monkey. Anyone who openly discourses on flatulence is good in my book. And her use of the royal “we” in so doing is perfect. An excerpt: About halfway into the screening…there’s no […]

Double Whammy

What are the odds of two literary frauds being exposed in one day? Not good. From this day forward, I think the public will read tales of drug-addled, debauched youth with a raised eyebrow. That’s bad news for all of you drug-addled, debauched kids who dream of memoir-driver literary stardom. […]

Harry Pothead

The year following my last at summer camp, James Frey became a counselor. Although I had friends who continued to attend the camp, I wasn’t aware of this until years later. Why would I be? New counselors came and went…business as usual. In fact, it wasn’t until just before the […]

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