Guilt By Association?

April will be the first month of 2006 in which — unless I am pleasantly surprised — I will not be mentioned in the acknowledgments of a book. So if you’ll allow me this indulgence, I’m going to shill for those who were kind enough to include me in their […]

Blank-forsaken Politicians

Slavoj Zizek makes an argument that I sometimes toss around in discussions with friends: atheists would make the best governmental leaders. I highly doubt that a non-believer would be palatable to the majority of the American electorate, but the consequences of removing a religious agenda from a political one are […]

Is Bonds a Hall-of-Famer?

ESPN’s Gene Wojciechowski writes, “Bonds is finished. He might play again, but there is only a chalk outline left around his integrity and home run totals. And the only way he gets into Cooperstown is if he spends the $14.50 for a Hall of Fame admission ticket.” I disagree. What […]

Big Bad Barry

The calls to my father started coming in again today. That usually means that there is a new steroid story on the loose. In this case, however, it’s not a new story, but the continuation of a long, drawn-out saga. A book called Game of Shadows : Barry Bonds, BALCO, […]

Bring in the Fences

ESPN’s Buster Olney notes that homeruns are down to a reasonable level at Coors Field, but it remains far too easy to get a hit. Ostensibly, the humidor is largely responsible for helping balls stay in the yard. However, the outrageous dimensions at Coors make it an offensive paradise. Bringing […]

Getting Defensive

Jon Weisman has a piece in Sports Illustrated about the increasing use of statistics to evaluate the defensive perfomance of baseball players. Good article. But Derek Jeter enthusiasts be warned, it paints a pretty honest picture of the Yankee shortstop’s defensive shortcomings. Speaking of which, I still think A-Rod should […]

Pork Freyed James

Okay, I was wrong. The James Frey story still has legs…apparently very long ones. Oprah, who had publicly maintained her support for Frey, hosted the memoirist cum novelist on her show today along with publisher Nan Talese. I haven’t seen the episode, but reports are the Ms. O was quite […]

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