Sand in My Chocolate Mousse


Time Magazine CoverI fully expect that this blog — and anything on my website for that matter —¬†will contain spelling and grammatical errors. It’s the inevitable consequence of writing at the wee hours of the morning and having no third party to proofread. (In the interest of irony, I was going to title this entry “Sand in My Chocolate Moose,” but fortunately recalled that irony is dead.) On the other hand, Time has layers upon layers of editing, but nobody seemed to catch the fact that “Dessert” is fundamentally different than “Desert.” I suppose the magazine’s staff can take some solace for while they screwed up a pun, they’ve now tied Martha Stewart to the outcome in Iraq. (And the prosecution couldn’t even make the securities fraud charges stick!) It seems like our fallen domestic diva will be doing her time somewhere between Basra and Najaf. I wonders if she envisions the capital city in a subdued and tasteful pink.

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