The Truth Shall Set You Free

Today, New York Yankee stalwarts Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera issued support for their beleaguered teammate, Jason Giambi. Jeter’s comments were fairly run-of-the-mill, but Rivera’s were interesting: “I always support all of my teammates. He made a mistake, but he was man enough to admit it.” Man enough to admit […]

Just Say No to Pedro

A problem that continues to plague the Mets is the spending of good money after bad. Take, for example, the case of Kris Benson. Sports Illustrated had this to say: They overpaid, but they had to. The only way to save any face from last season’s disastrous trade deadline deals […]

The Ego Has (Not) Landed

Countering claims that his perceived association with the Democratic party helped cost John Kerry the election, Michael Moore asserts that his involvement (combined with other celebs) was actually helpful: “…what we did was we prevented a Bush landslide.” “For the last month, we’ve had to listen to a lot of […]

Ice Cold

Readers love lists, but I challenge them to find one that has two Baldwin brothers, both halves of Bennifer, Michael Moore AND George W. Bush. Can’t do it, can you? Film Threat has released its 2004 Frigid 50 — the most honest assessment of Hollywood players that I’ve ever seen.

The Silliest Sentence of the Day

From ESPN, leading purveyor of “the conventional wisdom” and located here. Player: Tony Batista Comment: “Quietly put together a great offensive season. Was especially effective after the All-Star break….” Most inappropriate word: great Second most inappropriate word: effective Great Of the 13 NL third basemen who had enough plate appearances […]

Madonna — Politico?

Everyone’s favorite icon of female sexuality-cum-cultist is sounding off on the U.S. election. In an article on the ABC News Website, the one-time Material Girl said, “In terms of the elections, I don’t agree with so many things and the decisions that George Bush has made and I’m not happy […]

Sigh Young

On September 27, 2004, the top two starting pitchers in the National League went head-to-head. The home team’s starter (PITCHER A) went 7 strong innings, allowing just 1 run while striking out 10 batters in earning the win. The losing pitcher (PITCHER B) also notched 7 innings, gave up just […]

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